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Ebay Mechanical Controls

Owner: Calgon
Electrical Contractor: Delta Diversified
Adkins installed all of the fiber and copper Industrial Ethernet SCADA

Structured Cabling in Manufacturing Plants

SCADA Solutions for Manufacturing Sites

Process controls in manufacturing plants use SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) to control equipment/components, inventory, and monitor a variety of plant data such as motor currents, temperature, pressure, and fluid levels.

The plant environment varies in temperature, corrosive/caustic, moisture, etc which calls for communication components and installation force that understand the rigorous needs, ingress protection, vibration, and UV exposure.

Structured Cabling Manufacturing Plants

Through the use of structured cabling, automation is a breeze, multiple buildings and machines can be communicated with from one center terminal. The system is so effective because it requires less human interaction to function properly, one user can operate multiple different processes through one terminal.

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