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Ebay Mechanical Controls
Ebay Mechanical Controls

Owner: Ebay
Electrical Contractor: Delta Diversified
Adkins installed all of the fiber and copper Industrial Ethernet SCADA

Structured Cabling in Class A Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings Use Structured Cabling

Through the use of structured cabling your entire office environment can be networked and routed together for ease of access and efficiency.
Structured Cabling Class A Commercial

Structured cabling allows you to integrate your security systems directly into the network. This setup could even be duplicated and reconfigured many different times throughout a building with little work. That is the true beauty in structured cabling, it is built to grow and change as you do.

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AZ ROC 260668 · AZ State Contract #ADSP012-033457 · USAC SPIN #143036713 · SBA CAGE #0PRZ4